Secure, reliable, discreet:
Trust SWISS Valuables for your high-value cargo transportation needs

Find out how Swiss WorldCargo ensures the secure and safe transportation of high-value valuable shipments. With the important goal of maintaining the integrity of the products, as well as guaranteeing discretion over the shipments and respecting compliance with regulatory standards, Swiss WorldCargo provides reliable and high-quality solutions for valuable shipments.

Published 31 August 2023 by Cargo Marketing and Communications


Nowadays high-value consignments not only consist of gold, precious gems, and tangible treasures but also invaluable assets such as confidential documents, art pieces and collections. At Swiss WorldCargo, we understand the importance of safeguarding these treasures as they traverse the globe. To help transport valuable items and assets, we bring you SWISS Valuables, the symbol of excellence in our Swiss WorldCargo product offering.

Our commitment to upholding Switzerland's time-honored values of discretion, reliability, and technical expertise has made us the important player we are today for high-value cargo transportation. With a high level of experience in the air cargo industry, an extensive global network of destinations, and the pursuit of quality, we offer a secure and flexible solution you can trust.

Swiss WorldCargo - A leader in air cargo services

Established as the air cargo division of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd., Swiss WorldCargo has honed its expertise over the years, setting new benchmarks in high-value cargo transportation. Our legacy of reliability and commitment to perfection has earned us the trust of clients worldwide, making us a reliable partner in the field of air logistics.

Central to our success is our expansive global network, spanning over 130 destinations across more than 80 countries. Wherever your valuable consignments may need to go, rest assured that our reach extends far and wide, connecting you to key markets and crucial destinations. At Swiss WorldCargo, we ensure that your treasures reach their goal with efficiency and care.

The SWISS Valuables difference: Security, quality, and reliability

At Swiss WorldCargo, we understand that transporting high-value cargo goes far beyond a simple journey from point A to point B. It is a delicate orchestration of security, quality, and reliability that sets the stage for a successful experience. By surpassing even the rigorous standards set by IATA and relying on our expertise and high-quality mindset, we make sure that our commitment to discretion is at all times unwavering, shielding your shipment from prying eyes and potential threats. 


Below you can find some features you can benefit from when transporting your valuables shipments with Swiss WorldCargo:

Special focus on safety

Security stands as the cornerstone of our service. Within our secured facilities, specially designed locked areas equipped with advanced camera surveillance safeguard your cargo around the clock. Enveloped in specially sealed valuables containers boasting aluminum doors or hard plastic boxes, your valuables remain impervious to potential threats, both during storage and transportation.


Adherence to stringent quality management

At the core of our operations lies a comprehensive quality management system. Our skilled and specially trained personnel handle each shipment with a level of professionalism and care befitting its significance. In fact, we leverage a special four-eyes principle, applied during the handling, transportation and aircraft loading and unloading processes, ensuring extra attention on the tarmac and in transit.   

Secure hub for transportation

The secure Zurich hub serves as the nerve center for reliable transportation. Equipped with separate and highly secured storage facilities, it minimizes potential risks and maintains the focus on protecting your cargo. With tarmac escorts to and from the aircraft and supervision of loading and unloading procedures by security agents, each step is executed meticulously.

Absolute focus on discretion

We uphold our commitment to discretion and security as we deliver your cargo exclusively to the authorized consignee

Priority shipments for quick transport

With skilled and specially trained personnel worldwide, your cargo receives the attention and expertise it truly deserves. Coupled with preferred access to capacity and high loading priority, with SWISS Valuables we prioritize your shipment, ensuring it reaches its destination swiftly and securely.

Trust SWISS Valuables for a successful high-value cargo transportation

Trust us to safeguard your invaluable assets as we uphold Switzerland's time-honored values of discretion, reliability, and technical expertise. Embrace a service that goes beyond the ordinary and experience the peace of mind that comes with trusting SWISS ValuablesYour high-value cargo journey awaits - let us satisfy your expectations and deliver a successful transportation experience. Partner with us today and embark on a voyage of excellence.

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