Fine-tuned. Flexible. Fit for the future: 
Swiss WorldCargo's new modular offer structure is now live

In today's article we explore Swiss WorldCargo's innovative approach to managing and transporting air cargo with the new modular offer structure that provides customisation options for all customers' needs.

Published 19 July 2023 by Cargo Marketing and Communications

In the fast-paced world of airfreight, staying ahead of the curve sometimes means drawing the lines to blaze a new frontier. We at Swiss WorldCargo, the airfreight division of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd., are doing just that with a modular approach to managing and transporting air cargo that provides flexibility, adaptability, and customisation.

Age-old challenges, meet new approach

The pandemic and its aftermath, coupled with widespread changes to environmental policy, a dramatic rise in geopolitical tension, and wild fluctuations in fuel prices, add to the challenges common to the air cargo industry, which include:

  • Sustainability: There is growing pressure on the air cargo industry to reduce its environmental impact. This includes efforts to reduce emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and implement more sustainable practices.
  • Digital Transformation: The industry is grappling with the need for digital transformation to improve efficiency and customer service. This includes everything from tracking and tracing shipments to automating processes and leveraging big data for decision-making.

Swiss WorldCargo's new offer structure is strategically designed to effectively counteract these obstacles by focusing on the different needs of specific commodities. This multifaceted approach allows Swiss WorldCargo to provide customers with a flexible and scalable shipping solution that can adapt to a business' growing and ever-changing needs.


The features: A modular airfreight system designed with you in mind

Swiss WorldCargo's new modular airfreight services structure is a concept designed with flexibility, transparency, and customer-centricity at its core. Through a range of distinct features, our services offering effectively addresses the diverse needs of our customers and their commodities. The commodity-focused approach of the products structure ensures specialized handling for different product types, ranging from general cargo to valuables, perishables, pharmaceuticals, and live animals.

Tailored solutions are at the core of Swiss WorldCargo's new offer structure. The modular airfreight services structure allows you to pick and choose the services you need. This includes options such as temperature-controlled solutions for temperature-sensitive commodities, expedited services for time-critical shipments, and many more. This flexibility caters to your unique requirements, making Swiss WorldCargo's services adaptable to a wide range of needs.


The modular approach

You can design your own air cargo service tailored to your needs using these core products, add-on services, and transportation solutions.

1. Products based on the commodity you need to ship.

Swiss WorldCargo's portfolio of products and services is extensive, diverse, and flexible—many of which can be combined into a customised solution to meet each shipment’s needs.

2. Transportation solutions offer end-to-end control.

When time and temperature control are critical, or when shipping dangerous goods, you can rely on Swiss WorldCargo’s robust transportation services.

3. Add-ons: Get peace of mind however you choose.

Swiss WorldCargo offers add-on services that provide sustainability, the convenience of home delivery, and end-to-end shipment visibility.

Check out our website here: Swiss WorldCargo - Swiss WorldCargo for all the details on our new offer structure! Our dedicated team with a global reach is also ready to assist you by providing you a high-quality service at every step.

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