Sun, sand, and snail mail:

Swiss WorldCargo is embracing the joy of sending mail in summer

Today's article delves into the heartwarming tradition of sending postcards and packages, exploring the profund impact these tangible tokens of connection have in our increasingly digital world. In this context, Swiss WorldCargo emerges as a key player, bridging gaps and ensuring the smooth tranportation of goods across the globe. Just as postcards travel distances to bring smiles, Swiss WorldCargo vast logistics network and expertise facilitate the cherished tradition of sending postcards and packages worldwide.

Published 19 July 2023  by Cargo Marketing and Communications


Human beings are hard-wired to be highly social, as reflected in our tendency to stick to close-knit communities and seek meaningful connections with others. And in a world that has gone increasingly digital, we are evolving to be more appreciative of even the slightest physical gestures — like receiving hand-written postcards over snail mail. While a humble postcard does not have much space for elaborate exchanges as a digital medium would, it still reflects the sender's sincerity with picking out a card, writing down the address, and posting it in a nearby letterbox.

The rush of dopamine that people get when they receive a postcard or a package does not hurt either. Studies have shown that the 'unboxing experience' — mostly reserved for e-commerce packages — can alter moods, as the experience can trigger a sense of novelty and surprise, creating a positive emotional response. A postcard carrying lovely imagery and heartfelt words can help uplift spirits, making it a piece of happiness in one's mailbox.

Amidst this cherished tradition of sending postcards or packages, opportunities exist to enhance the experience further and extend the joy of receiving these tangible tokens of connection. This is where Swiss WorldCargo can step in.

Just as postcards traverse distances to bring smiles, Swiss WorldCargo specializes in bridging gaps and ensuring the smooth transportation of goods across the globe. We possess a vast logistics network and deep expertise that positions us as a crucial enabler in upholding the cherished tradition of sending postcards, as well as facilitating the broader realm of mail, through its provision of dependable and efficient delivery services.



Simplified mail tacking

From the moment a postcard or package is entrusted to Swiss WorldCargo until it reaches its destination, customers can track its progress and be assured of its secure transportation.
Customers receive real-time updates that go beyond mandatory information, keeping them updated at every step of the mail journey, from origin to destination.
Through the utilization of EDI (electronic data interchange) technology, the cooperation between the postal and airline industries is strengthened, aiming to achieve automation, digitalization, and streamlined paperless operations.
Swiss WorldCargo's end-to-end tracking capabilities, combined with the exchange of standard EDI messages, play a pivotal role in ensuring comprehensive visibility of mail throughout its entire journey, providing customers with peace of mind regarding the constant monitoring of their postcards and packages.

Modern & efficient air mail services

Swiss WorldCargo offers an array of postal services that seamlessly integrate into this beloved tradition of sending snail mail. With a comprehensive range of services, Swiss WorldCargo ensures the efficient and timely delivery of postcards and other postal items. By pushing for the shortest connection times while relaying freight, Swiss WorldCargo optimizes travel time, making it the perfect choice to send postcards, mail or packages.

Furthermore, our mail handling system and processes have been adapted to meet ICS2 requirements, effective from July 1, 2023. To enhance our capabilities, we have made significant investments in our mail-handling infrastructure, making our Zurich hub even more modern for seamless transit of mail to, from, and through our global hub. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to constantly review and optimize processes, fostering innovation, speed, and ultimately, better service for our valued customers.

Swiss WorldCargo prides itself on being lean, flexible, and open to organizing tailor-made solutions for its customers when needed. This commitment to personalized service ensures that individual requirements are met and specific preferences are accommodated, adding an extra layer of customer satisfaction.

In this ever-evolving digital era, let us celebrate the enduring power of personal connections, the beauty of capturing it on postcards, and the seamless logistics support provided by Swiss WorldCargo to keep the tradition alive. The world will be a better place when people spread happiness and foster connections through the simple act of sending a postcard or a package.

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