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How Swiss WorldCargo protects and safely ships pharma products

Today's article focuses on how Swiss WorldCargo ensures the safe and precise transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. With the objective of maintaining temperature requirements, product integrity, and compliance with regulatory standards, Swiss WorldCargo provides reliable and high-quality solutions for pharmaceutical shipping.

Published 19 July 2023  by Cargo Marketing and Communications


In today's rapidly evolving world, the market for pharmaceutical and healthcare products is burgeoning at an unprecedented pace. Lifesaving medical innovations are needed at every corner of the globe, so maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive products is crucial. Imagine the vital role that these products, from lifesaving vaccines to essential medications, play in the lives of countless individuals. The stakes are high, and there's little space for mistakes.

Our product SWISS Pharma & Healthcare ensures that invaluable medical goods such as vaccines are transported with the utmost care and precision. Join us on this journey, as we uncover the unique challenges of transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and the cutting-edge innovations in the pharma logistics industry that are driving reliable delivery of these shipments.

Challenges of transporting temperature-sensitive Pharma

Temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical transportation presents a unique set of challenges, which become increasingly complex as requirements and standards to safeguard these products’ integrity are increasing.

Temperature Requirements

Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals require strict adherence to specified temperature ranges, from -20 °C to +20 °C, depending on the product. The most minute fluctuations in temperature can compromise the efficacy and safety of these sensitive products – which leads to product waste, financial loss, and failed medical treatment for people around the world.

Product Quality and Integrity 

Beyond temperature aspects, pharmaceuticals are often sensitive to environmental factors like moisture, air, light, and heat. Each of these factors can impact the quality, efficacy, and shelf life of the product, further emphasizing the importance of monitoring and maintaining conditions throughout the shipping process. Failing to address these concerns can result in compromised products, posing significant risks to patient health and safety.

Regulatory and Compliance Standards

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to a complex network of regulations and compliance standards that vary across countries and regions. These standards, such as good distribution practices (GDP) and good manufacturing practices (GMP), are designed to ensure the safety, efficacy, and quality of pharmaceutical products. Navigating these regulations requires expertise and adaptability to meet international legal frameworks, which is essential because non-compliance can lead to costly delays, fines, or product loss.


Relying on SWISS Pharma & Healthcare for the safely delivery or temperature-sensitive shipments

In an industry where precision and reliability are paramount, navigating the challenges of pharmaceutical transportation requires innovative and reliable solutions. Thanks to our SWISS Pharma & Healthcare products (Celsius Active and Celsius Passive), we are emerging as a reliable and high-quality oriented actor in temperature-sensitive shipping, meeting high standards of safety, quality, and sustainability.


Safeguarding the products' integrity

Our SWISS Pharma & Healthcare product (Celsius Active and Celsius Passive) offers an array of benefits that cater to the complex needs of temperature-sensitive shipments.

For example, in the context of the Celsius Active transportation solution, the state-of-the-art, active temperature-controlled containers we employ provide a consistent and stable environment for the goods. These containers seamlessly integrate into the supply chain, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted transition from one stage of the journey to the next.

In the case of temperature-supported supply chains, thanks to our Celsius Passive transportation solution, the products are stabilized at one of the four official IATA temperature ranges, depending on the shipment’s requirement: controlled frozen (FRO -20 °C), controlled cool (COL +2 °C to +8 °C), controlled room temperature (CRT +15 °C to 25 °C) and controlled extended room temperature (ERT +2 °C to +25 °C), as well as ambient storage.

Commitment to quality is key

At the core of our SWISS Pharma & Healthcare offering is our global network of selected audited stations. This extensive network ensures that quality control measures are in place at airports across the globe, with highly trained personnel overseeing the handling of temperature-sensitive goods. Our commitment to quality is further enhanced by the use of our certified partners’ thermo truck networks for ground transportation. They help us providing capacity access and ensuring the integrity of the cool chain throughout the entire journey.

Working with a compliant and certified Hub in Zurich

Swiss World Cargo's Zurich Hub is not only GDP compliant but also IATA CEIV certified, showcasing our dedication to meeting the highest industry standards. The above-mentioned type of sensitive shipments also has very high priority, with short acceptance, transfer, and delivery times. Our commitment to excellence ensures that Swiss World Cargo remains a leader in the field of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical transportation, delivering high-quality service and reliability to our clients across the globe.

Pioneering sustainable Pharma shipping: Swiss WorldCargo joins forces with Swiss Airtainer

In a further step towards enhancing our temperature-controlled shipment capabilities, Swiss WorldCargo has forged a partnership with Swiss Airtainer. Renowned for its innovative and sustainable container solutions, Swiss Airtainer's latest lightweight container provides a more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly option for vaccine and pharmaceutical transportation thanks to its reduced weight.

These containers integrate solar panel technology and advanced temperature control systems to usher in an era of smart, sustainable, and secure pharma shipping. This collaboration exemplifies both organizations’ dedication to sustainability and commitment to delivering the highest level of quality and safety for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products.

Swiss WorldCargo is committed to shaping the future of cold chain logistics

In an industry where precision, reliability, and sustainability are of utmost importance, Swiss WorldCargo leads the way in temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical transportation. We not only provide reliable service but are dedicated to developing innovative new product offerings to ensure that pharmaceuticals reach their destinations safely and effectively. We go the extra mile by setting up customized operational processes that allow us to offer tailor-made solutions to our customers.

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