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From runway to runway:

Swiss WorldCargo & the fashion logistics industry

Fashion and airline runways have a lot in common. In a world where trends shift rapidly and the allure of fashion stretches across the globe, the logistics behind the glamorous curtains of runway shows is what keeps the industry ticking. Learn more about the link between Swiss WorldCargo and the concept of seamless logistics for high-end events such as fashion weeks.

Published 27 September 2023 by Cargo Marketing and Communications


Fashion thrives on change, and few events embody this spirit as intensely as fashion weeks. But beyond the spotlight, it's a complex convergence of details. From the meticulously crafted designer outfits and accessories to the distinctive props that set the stage for each runway, everything demands precision in transportation and setup. 

It is on airline runways, however, where the ties between Swiss WorldCargo and fashion weeks become significant. Since our inception in 2002, Swiss WorldCargo has risen to prominence as a premier air cargo service provider, reaching over 130 destinations across more than 80 countries with a modern fleet and a valuable collaboration with professional and quality-minded cargo handling systems and partners.  

Reliable and high-quality transportation each and every time

Imagine the whirlwind of fashion weeks, where timeliness is crucial for designers and businesses, whether it's delivering fabrics or accessories. In this type of contexts, we are committed to delivering shipments in an efficient and reliable way, ensuring that haute couture pieces and other essential items reach their destinations without delay. 

Our expansive global network links major cities and industrial hubs with both air and truck connections, reducing transit times. Each shipment benefits from our standardized yet customized procedures, managed by a dedicated expert team. For fashion-related items like fragrances and specialized cosmetics, we strictly adhere to IATA Dangerous Goods (DG) regulations. 

The fashion world's pace is frenetic, and our Zurich hub is key to match this tempo. Here, we’ve honed our procedures for urgent and time-sensitive shipments, so that in the example of a fashion event requiring special set pieces, our ability to handle these consignments shines. A key advantage of our Zurich Hub is the short distance via a tunnel between the warehouse and aircraft positions, ensuring fast transit between storage and the loading zones and safeguarding the integrity of our customers' shipments.

The Swiss WorldCargo Hub Control Center is central to our exceptional services. In fact, with real-time monitoring and a skilled team of logistics experts, we guarantee smooth and reliable shipment handling, providing our customers with reliable information every step of the way. This proactive approach positions Swiss WorldCargo as a responsive partner, always ready to meet evolving customer demands. 

And as the next fashion collection prepares to debut, Swiss WorldCargo is ready to continue playing its part on the runway(s).

Your trusted partner

From providing worldwide connections to ensuring consistent quality standards, at Swiss WorldCargo our focus on quality, reliability, and customized solutions aligns with the diverse needs of our global clientele. When you entrust us with your shipment, you're relying on the very essence of SWISS quality, regardless of whether we transport it by air or by road.

With Swiss WorldCargo, you have a partner who understands the intricacies of various industries and offers tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements.  

Contact us today and let us support your business through quality transportation that you can trust. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to assist you every step of the way. Please click here to learn more.  

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