From blossoms to mangos:

How Swiss WorldCargo delivers perpetually fresh perishables

As the demand for fresh goods continues to grow, Swiss WorldCargo is at the forefront of maintaining the quality and freshness of perishables goods during airfreight transport. Explore the precision needed to transport items like fresh fruits, meats and flowers while addressing external factors that impact their freshness.

Published 3 October 2023 by Cargo Marketing and Communications


The demand for fresh goods, including exotic fruits, to crisp produce, and fresh cut flowers, is growing. Swiss WorldCargo aims to exceed consumer expectations by ensuring unmatched freshness and quality during airfreight transport. 

Transporting perishables demands more than speed, namely temperature and high-quality processes. Swiss WorldCargo ensures precise, timely transport of items like fresh fruits, meats, and flowers, which are sensitive to spoilage and decay due to their limited lifespan and environmental sensitivities.

Approximately 30-40% of global food is wasted during transit,due to poor logistics, costing the global economy $940 billion. Swiss WorldCargo invests in high-quality processes, ensuring safe perishable transportation, and contributing to reduce global food waste.

The science of freshness

External factors significantly impact perishable goods' quality and shelf life. Understanding these factors is vital for effective management. Key factors include:

  • Humidity insufficient or excessive moisture, can cause dehydration or mold.
  • Exposure to light Can deteriorate light-sensitive perishables like certain diary products.
  • Temperature fluctuations – Impact microbial growth and can speed up decay process. 
  • Proximity to other produce – Some fruits emit ethylene gas, that can accelerate ripening of nearby fruits or vegetables.
  • Air circulation – Can lead to uneven temperature conditions, negatively affect goods' quality.

By acknowledging these external factors and mitigating their impact, Swiss WorldCargo offers a service beyond simple transportation, delivering perishables as fresh and high-quality as they were at their origin. 

Swiss precision in perishables transportation
Precision is a multi-faceted concept, especially when it comes to transporting perishables. While timeliness is crucial, the term 'precision' at Swiss WorldCargo applies to every touchpoint in the transport process


Valentine's Day flowers surge

Consider the scenario of high demand for fresh-cut flowers during Valentine's Day. Time is crucial, as a delay can lead to wilted flowers and disappointed customers. Our expertise in perishable transport ensures that roses, tulips, and other flowers arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Thanks to our high-quality procedures we bring smiles to countless faces on this special day.

Swiss WorldCargo strictly complies with regulations, ensuring proper documentation as per authorities' requirements. Flowers are stored in temperature-controlled facilities during transport, maintaining ideal conditions. Our Zurich hub minimizes exposure to outside conditions, preserving the freshness and quality of customers' goods through short distances and efficent processes. 

Keeping your perishables fresh and viable

With a proven track record of precision, expertise and high-quality delivery, Swiss WorldCargo represents an industry leader in perishable goods transportation. We prioritize quality and freshness, making sure that products' integrity is never compromised. If you are in the perishables business, you need a logistics partner to deliver on the promise of freshness and quality. We invite you to explore how Swiss WorldCargo can provide tailored solutions for your perishables to meet your specific needs and elevate your supply chain.

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